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The Equity in Special Education: Disproportionality module series is designed to inform and guide local education agencies (LEAs) as they address disproportionality in their school(s).

Having significant disproportionality means that students of a particular race/ethnicity are significantly more likely than their other-race peers to be identified as students with disabilities, identified in a particular disability category, placed in a particular educational setting, or suspended/expelled as a disciplinary measure.

The module series is used for staff seeking knowledge about significant disproportionality, its impact, and the areas of identification. The module series also covers how significant disproportionality is calculated, requirements when identified, and the tools used to develop Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CCEIS).

LEAs and Stakeholders are encouraged to utilize this tool much like a menu, choosing the modules and lessons as they apply to their interests and needs.

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