In May 2014, U.S. Department of Education initiated a revised accountability system under IDEA known as Results-Driven Accountability (RDA). RDA provides a framework to states that focuses on improved results for students with disabilities and emphasizes child outcomes. Under this direction and shift in focus on state accountability, Idaho has developed a multi-year plan to improve educational results for students with disabilities: The State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP).

After completing a thorough review of data, Idaho’s SSIP focuses on improving literacy outcomes of students with disabilities, specifically in grades K-4. The goal, called the SiMR (State-Identified Measurable Result) is: “Increase the percent of students with disabilities in cohort districts that demonstrate growth in literacy from 3rd to 4th grade on the state summative assessment, currently ISAT by Smarter Balanced.”

Phase I involved analysis, selecting a focus, and investigating causes and improvement resources. This phase explored the question: “What is the problem and why is it happening?” Phase I was submitted in Spring 2015.
Phase II involved planning and doing - identifying improvement strategies and action steps and working on the initial parts of the plan. This phase explore the question: What shall we do about it?” Phase II was submitted in Spring 2015.
Phase III involves evaluation the initial implementation, and adjusting as needed. This phase asks the question: “How well is the solution working?” Phase III, due Spring 2017, is currently in process.

State, District and School teams are aligning and leveraging existing resources related to literacy, data and including practices. The state is establishing Professional development plans to support District and School Implementation.

Results Driven Accountability Resources


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