Idaho Tiered Behavior Supports aims to create schools where ALL students can succeed and is a state-funded (no fee) program. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based framework developed to assist school teams in providing preventative, positive behavioral support for ALL students. Idaho Tiered Behavior Supports (ITBS) will support selected districts (via application process) in implementing the PBIS framework. ITBS is housed as a sub-project of Idaho SESTA and is funded by the Idaho State Department of Education, Special Education Department. PBIS is not a special education initiative.

SESTA aims to support successful and consistent implementation of PBIS in schools across the state. The SESTA PBIS Tiered Support Coordinator facilitates district-level planning and provides school team training, technical assistance, and ongoing coaching to district PBIS coaches, and schoolwide facilitators in order to build capacity to implement the PBIS framework.

Expand the infrastructure to lead and support PBIS implementation across Idaho.
Implement a data-collection and management system to support evaluation and decision making.
Increase capacity of school personnel to positively impact school culture.
Positively Impact student outcomes through the implementation of the PBIS framework.

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Applications to join the next ITBS cohort open September 9th. To learn more about ITBS and the application process, download the ITBS Information Packet.


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