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Job Announcement: Idaho SESTA is hiring a Special Education Statewide Instructional Coordinator in Northern Idaho as a full-time position through University of Idaho.

Job Announcement: Idaho SESTA and the Idaho Assistive Technology Project are hiring an Assistive Technology Consultant in Boise as a full-time position through the University of Idaho.

Idaho SESTA is a state-wide training and technical assistance project funded through the Idaho State Department of Education, Special Education. SESTA provides supports to school district personnel across the state. Find training information, locate resources, and request assistance below. Idaho SESTA currently offers the following support:

Statewide learning opportunities for educators of all different roles to increase knowledge and skills. Currently, our Hybrid Learning Series have replaced what we typically provided in face-to-face environments. Registration is required. Find them by hovering over SESTA in the navigation menu to see the trainings that are open or coming soon. SESTA Face-to-Face trainings will return as soon as it is safe throughout the state to do so.

These series provide crucial information, founded in best practice & science, delivered throughout the year, piece-by-piece. Use one piece or all pieces. No registration required. This year the Out-of-the Box topic is Classroom Management. Find it at

Online modules or videos on all different topics. You can find the most popular modules with easy 1-click blue buttons, on In the first column Idaho SESTA Resources you will find lots of blue buttons to click and access the resource. Learn on your own time and at your own pace. Also, you can search for what topic you are looking for in the SESTA Resource library, any all of our online modules and videos will come up that match your search.

Use the Request Assistance button on to request any of these supports, or to simply reach out if you don’t know what you need. Our Help Desk will help figure out a way to support your needs. Completing a Help Desk ticket is quick and easy. Or, if you would rather talk to someone, contact your SESTA coordinator. You can find the contact for your district linked on, right below the Request Assistance button, on the Idaho SESTA Coordinator Assignment List.