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Hard to get out of your classroom? Tired of webinars? Check out the out-of-box series on Classroom Management. The series includes one-page resources, short podcasts, self-paced modules, and lots more regarding the crucial behavior keystone of classroom management. New for the 2021-2022 school year, the CMB series will be offered for professional development/inservice credit.

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FBA and BIP Tutorials


Functional Behavior Assessments: Conducting and Completing an Informative Assessment

This training familiarizes the user with an understanding of how to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), in an effort to inform behavior change through an effective Behavior Intervention Plan.


Creating an Effective Behavior Intervention Plan for Lasting Behavior Change

This Training will help the user develop a targeted and effective Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to support lasting behavior change in students with challenging behavior.


Idaho SESTA has developed a coaching process to help school-teams learn an evidence-based process to reduce challenging behaviors and optimize learning outcomes for all students.

Behavioral coaching is designed to help school teams maximize positive outcomes for students with challenging behaviors across settings, characteristics, and disabilities. The coach uses an individualized approach with each school team to facilitate a process of fact finding, problem-solving, planning, and monitoring. The process is used to develop intervention plans both at the individual student and program level designed to prevent challenging behaviors and teach new skills that are supported by consistent adult and peer responses.

Helping students reach their full potential as learners occurs by (a) examining environmental determinants of behavior, (b) assessing variables related to a specific students’ challenging behaviors, and (c) developing and monitoring intervention plans both at the program level and individual student level. Read the full overview of the Idaho SESTA Behavioral Coaching process below.
Behavioral Coaching Overview

Idaho SESTA Statewide Behavioral Coordinators are available via phone, email, online meetings, and on-site coaching. To connect with a Behavioral Coordinator, please submit a request form.
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Idaho SESTA Statewide Behavioral Coordinators provide professional development through statewide and regional face-to-face trainings, as well as, webinar and other online trainings. Trainings are designed to assist general and special educators, administrators, and paraprofessionals to implement effective behavior and learning practices.

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District-Based Behavior Training

 Idaho SESTA offers District-Based Behavior Training focused on building behavioral competencies and program development for students with ASD, behavioral disorders, or low incidence disabilities. Administrators or building principals can request District-Based training through the Idaho SESTA Request Assistance page:  Administrators making a District-Based Behavior Training request will receive a follow-up screening call where training outcomes and timelines will be discussed. Training is provided as resources are available.  To learn more about District-Based Behavior Training please review the Menu. District-Based Behavior Training Menu  


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